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My thoughts aren't always right.

You know those moments when you or in my case - me, myself and I, get together and tell each other how to behave, what we should and should't do, and that self sabotaging myself makes perfect sense? Well, it took me 35 years to realize that all those folks in my head aren't really the true me. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helped me rewrite the stories in my head. It reminded me that I am more than my thoughts and that I am enough. The tapping patterns embedded the words I spoke into my body, allowing for the release of blocked energy and old patterns.

Emotional Freedom Technique

An Emotional Freedom Technique session guides me to release thoughts, energy and old patterns that no longer serves me.


Thoughts have tremendous power over our wellbeing. They have the ability to place a negative filter on our view of life. Life can be difficult enough without additional negative thoughts.

I choose to live a life without a negative filter.

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