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The feeling of the sounds is undescribable

Sound healing isn't new to me, I just never gave it an official title. Blasting my favorite song in the car or singing in the shower would fall under the sound healing title. However, the experience of a Sound Healing session, is like taking the "singing in the car" experience and bumping it up a notch. The sound bowls and instruments used during a Sound Healing session recalibrated my body bringing it back to the balanced energetic frequency in which it is most at peace. The session always leaves me relaxed, centered and energized.
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Sound Healing

A Sound Healing session guides my body back to a place of peace and calm.


The noises and chaos of daily life throw my body out of alignment. Taking the time to realign my energetic system helps remove the anxiety and stagnant energy in my body.

I choose to guide my body back to a place of balance and peace.

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