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I didn't even know I was doing that!

The first time I had a Somatic Movement session, I did it in a group setting. The practitioner had us all move our bodies in particular ways intended to release the tension that we were holding in our shoulders. "I don't have any tension on my shoulders." I told myself. When we were finished with the movements, he checked in with everyone. They all shared that they had released and relaxed the stickiness they felt. I, to my surprise, felt more tension in my shoulders than ever before. When I asked why, it was explained to me that I had become reconnected with my body and am only now feeling the truth of what I'm holding onto. As it turned out, I wasn't in tune with my body at all. This reconnection of mind and body allowed me the opportunity to work further to release the tension I was holding onto.

Somatic Movement

A Somatic Movement session creates a stronger Mind-Body connection for smoother energy flow.


The connections of mind and body is essential to help facilitate any type of healing. Sometimes, the first step isn't removing things that we carry, it's simply realizing that we are carrying them in the first place.

I choose connection between my mind and body to help me feel where I need to release what no longer serves me.

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