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My past is part of my present.

Biofield tuning addresses the energy that lives 6 feet around your body. interesting that Covid protocol stated that we stay 6 feet away from each other as well. In those 6 feet live the frequencies of your life, from birth until the present time. These frequencies like to exist in harmony with the frequencies found in nature. However, when we experience trauma in our live, these frequencies change, making them "untuned." The tuning forks used in a Biofield Tuning session recalibrate the frequencies of your past, creating harmony between the energy of your past and the energy of your present. During my first Biofield Tuning session I felt as if I was stuck to the table. Then I sobbed without any clear explanation and laughed with my practitioner for no apparent reason. Most importantly, when the session was over I felt lighter and brighter and more myself than ever before.
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A Biofield Tuning session returns unstable energy created by life's traumas to a place of balance, revitalizing space for greater personal growth .


All of my life experiences make up who I am today. The anxiety and discomfort that I feel today can be a result of what I have experienced in my past. That means that I need to address my present but not neglect the past.

Although at times I may not want to address my past, I know I must, because I look at my life as a continuum of evolution and positive growth.

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