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All those that came before us

After my mother passed away, I would see her around. Not in the creepy ghost type of way, but in the “I look like my mother today” kind of way. She is still here with me, she is a part of who I am. In fact, I am who I am because of and in spite of who she was. To take that one step further, I am who I am because of and in spite of who they all were. The joys, fears and traumas of all those generations that came before me live in me.
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Ancestral Healing

An Ancestral Healing session guides me to stop the patterns of the past and prioritize today's growth.


Recognizing that some of my thought patterns are not mine, but rather part of the ancestral baggage that lives within me, allows me to "clean house.” I don’t have to carry all of their experiences as my own. I have plenty of my own experiences to depend on. All I can do is work to be the best version of myself.
So I choose,
to free myself of my ancestors’ patterns,
to clear my life of the thought “Well, they did it, so I should do it too.”

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