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I didn't think that was traumatic, was it?

When someone says the word trauma, we instantly think of awful things we would never wish on anyone. In reality, trauma is a distressing event and that, my friends, is a subjective matter. During a Biofield Tuning session, the practitioner guides a tuning fork from a 6 foot span around your body toward your body. The space in-between the farthest point and your body represent the frequency of your life experiences. When the fork strikes a frequency that is untuned, it will change its tone. This untuned frequency often refers to a traumatic experience in your life. This event may be as overwhelming as a sexual assault, or it can be seemingly insignificant, a negative comment from your favorite grandmother about your hair cut. We reference both events as traumas because both can have a lasting effect on your life and both will leave a distortion in your energy frequency. These distortions cause your energy to flow unevenly, often resulting in physical or mental pain. Clearing these distorted frequencies allow the body to return to a state of harmony and stability.
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A Biofield Tuning session returns unstable energy created by life's traumas to a place of balance, revitalizing space for greater personal growth.


Experiences are subjective. What may not seem like a big deal to me, can be a very big deal to others. When listening to peoples' reactions to life, I try to understand why they are reacting that way. This process reminds me to respond to those who are struggling with additional grace and kindness. I do my best to remember this practice and to not forget that at times, that person is me.

Although something may not seem like a big deal, I take the time to look inward and try to feel what my body is experiencing at the moment of or during reflection of emotional pain. The body never lies. If it feels like a trauma, I must look deeper to try and learn why it feels that way.

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