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I'm a very good story teller

"Me, own my own business?! I could never do it." That was my story. I grew up in a home with two hard working parents - not entrepreneurs. The stability of a job was important, as were the benefits that came with it. Needless to say, when the idea for calm nest came to my mind, I doubted the fact that I could create it. After all, not only did I need to take a chance to create something from nothing, it was in a field that was not well known or understood by everyone - in essence, this business not a sure thing.
As expected, the old story was loud and clear. "This is a big risk; there is no stability; there is no guarantee; what if I fail; what if I succeed?!" It took a moment for me to make my move. I had to recognize that I had developed a story of who I am and what I am capable of and that I didn't like this story one bit. The only way to move forward was to gently move fear aside and change my story. One day at a time, one step after another, using daily reflection and courage, calm nest came to life.
Reiki is one of the tools I use to help me grow. It removes my stagnant energy, the one that holds my old stories deep in my body. Once my negative energy is released, I find it easier to move forward in creating the life I want to live. I use what was once stuck energy to create positive thoughts and forward steps to move me in the right direction.
What stories do you tell yourself? Do they serve you well or do they stop you from living the life you want to live?
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A Reiki session releases stagnant energy in the body allowing it to flow freely. A session will leave you relaxed, clear headed and empowered.


The stories we create for ourselves are based on our life experiences. We take what we have seen and felt and give ourselves a guideline by which to live our lives. Often, these stories are not reality. They are limiting beliefs that hinder our personal growth. Rewriting the story can be hard but as I watch calm nest grow day by day, I am grateful that I chose to rewrite my story. I am capable of creating the life that I want by giving myself permission to do so and by embracing the unknown.

Although I find comfort in the story I have told myself about the life I am meant to live, I have the power to change the plot at anytime. It may cause me initial discomfort to live in a way that is not familiar to me, but the outcome of a new life is worth the struggle. I have tools and people who support me in the life I choose and can reach out to them anytime I wish.

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