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Today's a new day

New Years is a time when many of us create New Year's resolutions and set new intentions for the life we want to live. What if we didn't wait until the start of a new year to begin anew? What if we woke up each morning and started anew. Or better yet, what if we closed our eyes, took a deep breathe and listened to our hearts right now and started anew?
We live in a culture that celebrates the concept of ceremony and living publicly. That's a statement, not a judgment. I am all in for a good party and sharing who I am with the world. With that said, the biggest part of my personal growth journey, so far, was incredibly painful, difficult and private. I had to shed who I once was and let the person that I was deep inside shine through. That process was not something that was a result of a New Year's resolution. It was a result of emotional pain that was no longer serving me well.
As part of that growth, I started using a new mantra for myself - Tomorrow is a new day. I realized that I can't wait for New Years, or Monday to start a new. I needed to understand that the possibility of a new existence was available to me at anytime.
Personal growth is a continuous journey. It has no start date and no end date. It has no instruction manual or guaranteed outcome. It can however, be supported and that is a great gift. So, although I didn't celebrate my personal journey with a big party or an instagram pic, I wasn't alone in it. I had my therapist and my healers, my husband and my children and those who knew the real me.
So, wherever you may be on your journey, know that you are not alone, that we are here for you every step of the way and at all times - not just for the New Year. We are your calm nest.


Every time I think I understand life, I get thrown a curve ball. Surrendering to that fact has allowed me to start anew as needed. Not start from scratch but be open to new ideas and new solutions to new lessons and challenges.

Although the events that take place in my life may not be in my control, the way I manage them is up to me. And in those moments where I do not have direction, I know, that "Tomorrow is a new day."

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