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The fear of looking inward

“Vulnerability - The willingness to show up and be seen with no guarantee of outcome.” – Brené Brown

When I think back, I realize that I was always able to be vulnerable with others. The idea of a “no guarantee” of their responses was safe. I could always walk away from a response that didn't sit well with me and move on.

So often, the word vulnerability is used when addressing the way we communicate and interact with others. My question for you today is, how often have you thought of vulnerability in terms of yourself with yourself? Me, myself, and I – all versions of yourself, right? But are they all capable of being vulnerable with each other? Are you open to taking the chance of a "no guarantee outcome"? If not, what could be standing in the way? Fear, disgust, unknowing, excitement.

For me, as anxiety and depression crept in, I learned that walking away was not the answer. It worked for the moment but the greater issue, the one that required that I look deep inside and see things that scared me, were never addressed. In retrospect, I was never vulnerable with myself. I was able to put forward a façade that presented a false sense of power and control over my desires and future. Sadly, this false reality no longer served me. I looked for ways to become open with my true self. I knew deep down that this was the only way to move forward. I discovered Reiki and Sound Baths. Two gentle methods that guided me inward while making me feel safe to explore what I needed to discover and address head on.

Energy healing opens us up to discover things we may not expect. It may bring up unresolved trauma’s, expose unaddressed thoughts and place a mirror in front of us showing us things that we were very happy not seeing. But it also presents us with the opportunity to grow, and to learn what no longer serves us. It teaches us to release the “dis-ease” that lives deep in our body, causing damage in one way or another.

So, I leave it up to you, do you want to live in a state of stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and pain or will you take the time to be vulnerable with yourself?


Life is challenging and we all do our best to manage. We look around and try out different coping mechanisms. Often these mechanisms work, at least for some time. What I have learned to be true, is that unless we take the time to look inwards, remove all the facades, the illusions and face ourselves, the coping mechanisms end up causing more destruction.

Although looking at my flaws, insecurities and shadows may be scary, choosing to be courageous and vulnerable with myself will leave me with the truest version of myself. That my friends, is a good place to start.

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