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Breaking Ancestral Trauma

Traumas come in all shapes and sizes and regardless of wether they are big or small, we tend to store them in the physical body. They live there, often without our knowledge, taking up energy that should be used for more positive attributes in our life. Releasing those traumas makes room for more positive energy flow and therefore a more fulfilling existence. Staring this coming Monday, every week calm nest will be offering a collective clearing as well as an opportunity for individuals to share their personal concerns and have those traumas released during the session. Join Amy and Donna as they take you through an incredible healing journey.
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What people are saying about Amy and Donna

"I had the ancestral healing session. Wow, it was incredible. The way she is able to take a challenge I'd been experiencing, and pinpoint where in my ancestral history this issue started, then released it for me and my family line (past, present, and future) blew me away. I am so grateful to Amy. I highly recommend her services if you are ready to let go and release what is no longer serving you and your family. Thank you Amy." - Natasha P
"Donna is a gifted Healer. I love how calm and confident she is in the practice. Her kind demeanor created a sacred and comfortable space for me. In this session she cleared ancestral blocks and patterns that have been plaguing me as long as I can remember. I feel like I've been set free from some patterns that were causing me to be in my own way. I feel more grounded, clear and confident in my business and personal life. Working with Donna is such a gift and I'm so glad I connected with her here. Thank you Donna!!" -Amy S.
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