The immense power of intentional breath.

When my father was diagnosed with 8 tumors in his brain and one in his lung, I went into full caretaker mode. This was unusually hard, being that my dad lives in Arizona and I live in California. As you can imagine, I was overwhelmed, not resting properly and put self care on the back burner. I was so busy that I hardly noticed the constant lower back pain I was having - until I did. At that point I knew I needed to do something to take care of things. I decided to take a Breathwork class, thinking it would be relaxing to mediate and breath calmly for an hour. Little did I know that hour would be the opposite of relaxing. It was an hour of intentional strong breathing, moving music and constant support. As I breathed, I felt my hands grow slightly numb. I was more present in my body than ever and then came the tears. Lots and lots of tears. My body used the hour to purge! When the session was over, I sat, shaking and cried. Oh, and my back pain was gone. As it turns out, it is said that we carry our family in our lower back - I carried my dad there. I am happy to share that my dad is tumor free today and that returning to Breathwork time and time again has allowed me to release the things that no longer serve me.


A Breathwork session resets your nervous system, taking it out of the fight or flight mode. In addition, it pushes oxygen through your body, moving any areas containing stuck energy and making space for more positive energy flow.


Our emotions and thoughts have power and live in our bodies. We often forget and blame pains on a wrong movement or a strain of sorts. Maybe, just maybe, that pain is one that comes from a deeper place and it's time to let it go.

Although at times I may not want to admit that my emotions have great power over my body, I choose to surrender and let breath move them through me.

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