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Let is flow, let it flow...

It felt like a coarsest, wrapping my insides and pushing energy in between my cells. Odd that these are the words that come to mind when describing my first reiki healing session. Odd because I would refer to Reiki as a gentle form of energy healing. This infusion of light and power rearranged what was out of order in a way that is difficult to describe. The practitioner who worked on me shared that she was called to infuse my body with light. When I learned more about Reiki and the way that energy travels through our body it all made perfect sense.
Imagine that your body is filled with tiny little highways. Those highways are the roads on which your energy follows. Every so often, life causes these roads to get traffic jams. These blocked or stagnant areas is where we feel pain or strains. Reiki helps move the energy back into a flowing state releasing what has been stuck resulting in feeling of great relaxation and balance.
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A Reiki session helps the energy flowing through our body stay in smooth flow. When our energy flows smoothly we experience reduced anxiety and pain.


When life force flows through our body, the way it is intended to, we are happy, light and positive. When the energy flow is disrupted it forms discomfort that we read as anxiety, stress and pain.

Although I do my best to keep the energy in my body flowing freely, there are times in my life that I need help resetting the blocked areas. I choose to open my mind to what I may not understand and feel the effects of the positive flow of energy in my body.

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