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Nothing like family time.

For many of us, weekend was filled with long overdue family time. I wonder how many of that time was filled with triggers and eye rolls over family "stories" that need some loving care? We come from a generational lineage of experiences that make us who we are today. These "stories" can be positive and uplifting or challenging and self sabotaging. Either way, we don't have to integrate those "stories" into our lives if they don't serve us well.
After my ancestral healing session, I am able to approach my family's behaviors with added softness and compassion, acknowledging that they are not aware of the generational trauma that they are living with. I am fortunate to release that trauma from my life and create my own "stories".

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Ancestral Healing

An Ancestral Healing session helps us recognize and release the generational trauma that are part of the life we live today. That release frees us to live the life that is intended for us to live.


Learning that my over mothering instinct was a response to trauma that took place many generations back allowed me to release that behavior, giving my children the freedom to make mistakes and grow from them.

Although I do my best to live the life that I want to live, I may get pulled back to old habits that were passed to me through my genetics. I now honor my past and those who came before me and free myself of their traumas.

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