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Nature lives in us all

If you've ever watched Breaking Bad, you know that when you see a random RV parked in the middle of the dessert, you automatically think - Meth Lab! Well, on a family road trip from California to Arizona in the middle of vast dessert, we came across one RV, then several, then thousands of RV's parked on the dusty sand. Unbeknown to us, there is a small, one road town called Quarzsite where one of the biggest gem stone shows in the world takes place every year and people from across the USA come and spend time selling and buys gems and making friends. Without a moments hesitation, I made my husband stop the car and I ventured into the largest warehouse of crystals and gems I've ever seen. I knew I wasn't leaving without a special something but the idea of having to choose was so overwhelming that I had to trust my instincts in making the right choice. I walked up and down the isles, questioning which crystal is the one I needed when I heard them say over the load speaker - "We will be closing in 10 minutes." Panic set in! "Listen to your gut," I told myself. As I came to the end of the isle, I started to taste metal in my mouth (a sure sign that energy is moving in my body) and so I stopped. I took a few steps back and placed my hand on a large blue Kyanite crystal - this is it. Not knowing anything about the crystal, I purchased it. As we drove off, I looked up the properties and discovered that it is known to open up the throat chakra, encouraging communication and self-expression. It cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speak one's truth. The perfect gem for someone staring a new business in a field that many are unfamiliar with. Funny how our bodies always know what it needs.


Crystal Therapy Healing

An Crystal Healing session grounds us and reminds us that we are part of the natural world around us. During this session, we learn and connect with the crystal that helps support us in what we need at a particular moment in our growth journey.


We are part of nature in a way that is obvious and unfamiliar to us at times. In essence, we are all part of everything, the land, the sky, the water and all that is around us. It is comforting to know that there are parts of the earth that can help us be the person we need to be in a particular moment in time

At times, I forget that I am not alone in my journey. I do my best to use the tools that are around me to keep centered, intentional and present. It am supported by nature in all manners. I simply need to take a moment to reconnect with it every so often.

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