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If you aren't sure where to start your energy healing journey, this is the class for you!

This group session will connect you with our heart, open our heart, and expand your heart energies to embody love and inner peace. Kelsey will provide group Reiki, Live Native American flute healing, and guide participants through a short journey meditation to connect with a plant spirit for healing and guidance.
Natasha will then provide a regenerative sound bath to help you feel relaxed, refreshed and energised – yet also facilitate a good nights sleep.

What people are saying about Happy Heart Healing

"(Following the Happy Heart Healing session) I slept very deeply and a lot these past couple of nights. And even though I’ve been tired, my energy has been positive towards others and I feel clean inwards" - Astrid T
"I’m surprised how easily I was able to drop in. It was nice not to have the distractions that are present when doing this in an in person group setting. Thank you." - Emily S.
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