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Brené Brown says “Overwhelm means an extreme level of stress and emotional and or cognitive intensity to the point of feeling unable to function.” Do you ever feel that way? I know I sure do. At that moment where all I want to do is crawl into bed and make the world disappear, I reach for my mental health toolbox. I surround myself with things that bring me good energy, I move my body, I look for the light that is shining deep inside and wait. I wait for the overwhelm to pass, for the next moment of slight inspiration and joy. I hold onto those moments and climb my way out.
When I am extra stuck, I reach out to those who can help. This is where Calm Nest comes into play. There are a variety of sessions that can speed up my process and although I know that they are incredibly helpful, taking the step to book a session is often lost on me. So, here is your reminder. Book a session. Try something new. Try something and know that it will give you energy and fill you up and help you shine.

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