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What is my breath saying?

Have you ever thought about how breath is a way of expression? Whether it’s a gasp or a sigh, or fast or slow breathing, each of these represents something very distinct and often familiar. It’s not surprising then that breath is a very powerful way to communicate not only with the outside world but also with our inside world. Breath is a way for our body to regulate itself, giving the body what it needs at a particular moment in time.
There are time though, when our body becomes comfortable in what feels familiar - living under constant stress. At these moments we must take conscious steps to release the stress from our body so that we can push off disease and function at a higher level.
Breathwork is an opportunity for your nervous system to get woken up and stressed (in a good way) to its extreme in a safe environment. It causes everything in your body that doesn’t need to be there, whether it's stress, exhaustion, or a story that no longer serves, to physically get pressed out of your body by the excessive amount of oxygen.

Here are some of the responses people have shared after experiencing a Breathwork class with calm nest.

"I didn’t think I had it in me!"
"I’m not sure what came over me."
"That was incredibly powerful!"
"I feel so energized and clear."

What is stopping you from giving yourself the gift of clarity, forward movement and energy? Join us tonight as we work as a collective to release and re-generate!

What people are saying about Chris

"Prior to going starting the Breathwork I was very skeptical. I have done many different things for self help and self care in my life. Nothing that I have tried or done gave me the experience I went through and the help I really needed. calm nest provided the right coach for me and environment to let me open up." - Aleks T.

"Thank you so much for the 60 minute Breathwork class. I was skeptical before my first class. I’ve been breathing my whole life. How different could it be? 15 minutes into it I completely let go and had a powerful personal experience." - Bob D.
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