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The Power of Pause

There is a very special moment that exists between a thought and a reaction or response. I refer to it as the "moment of pause". It's the opportunity to connect with the essence of who you are and what you stand from. It's the moment to check in with the intention of your reaction and make sure that it is aligned with your intention.

I’ve always wondered if the ability to tap into this moment of pause is something that we were born with. I refer back to the memory of my toddler pausing before reacting to getting hurt. Something happened at that moment. He would look around, and gauge the level of reaction he was going to express. Today, as a teenager, I wonder where that moment of pause has gone.

In today's very busy and crazy world, we get pushed to move faster and faster. The TikTok version of an experience has become the norm and our attention span has reduced to 10.5 second - on a good day. Furthermore, if we do pause or take our time to respond to a question or request, we are labeled as weird or slow.

I invite you to try it. Next time you are asked a question, ponder your response before answering. Check in with your body for clues as to how it wants to respond. Pause and listen. You may like what you hear.

In creating Calm Nest, I wanted to bring to life a "place" where people can dig into their pause and discover who they are in the depth of their core. I wanted to make it ok to slow down, look inwards and be curious. Calm Nest is here to help you create the time you deserve to devote to yourself so that you can discover the best version of who you are and share it with the world

Try looking inwards this evening with Chris during the group Breathwork session. You may be surprised as to who you find inside.
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What people are saying about Chris

"Prior to going starting the Breathwork I was very skeptical. I have done many different things for self help and self care in my life. Nothing that I have tried or done gave me the experience I went through and the help I really needed. calm nest provided the right coach for me and environment to let me open up." - Aleks T.

"Thank you so much for the 60 minute Breathwork class. I was skeptical before my first class. I’ve been breathing my whole life. How different could it be? 15 minutes into it I completely let go and had a powerful personal experience." - Bob D.
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