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It's 12pm and let's be honest, it's way past midday because you started checking your emails at 6:30am. You're ready for your second, no, third cup of coffee because the day is still long and your focus is waning. Or better yet, can you take a quick nap? Will anyone notice if you're MIA for 30 minutes? Crap, you know they will. So, as you get up to get that coffee, I have a task for you. Be aware of what it feels like to move your body. Does your breathe change? Do you instantly have the need to stretch and reposition your anatomy in someway?
Let me let you in on a secret, making friends with your body is the best way to get your energy back up. Not only your physical energy, but your mental energy as well. It will clear the chatter in your brain, increase your circulation and improve your breathing all in one swoop!
To make this experience even more effective, our Calm Nest practitioner Jules, has created a revitalizing, quick and easy 30 minute lunch time reset session that will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 5th. So here's the plan, instead of sitting and eating at your desk or skipping lunch all together and replacing it with another artificial pick me up, sign up for the Self Care for Success Midday Reset. Take 30 minutes to prepare for a focused and productive afternoon. See you all there!
Much love,
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Every Tuesday and Thursday starting May 5, 2022

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