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Feelings are very layered and delicate. There is a very fine between disappointment, sadness, and anger. In fact, sometimes I think they are all the same feeling and our relationship with our ego determines how we choose to name the feeling. I guess it doesn’t really matter what we name it. What is more important how we process these feelings. Let me be the first to say that these feelings suck. They are heavy and draining, and often leave us feeling like there is a brick sitting on our chest. But they are important to sit with. They are guides for the growth we need to do and what we stand for. Try this…when you feel these feelings, take a moment and ask yourself “Why do I feel this way?” Skip the obvious answer of because they pissed me off or they weren’t nice to me. Go deeper. Think along the lines of “Does this situation bring me fear?” “Does it remind me of something or someone that I have experienced in the past and is that experience clouding my reaction?”

This process of going deeper is essential in understanding how we live our life. It’s a practice that takes time to get used to and is sometimes draining. But I can promise you, the more you do it, the more you’ll understand who you are and the more you understand who you are the easier life becomes. Once uncovered, hiding your true self is not an option. Your true self wants to live and it will create a life that you will give up on so easily.

So here is a gentle reminder. Fell the feels, sit with them and let them guide you to your true self. Tell the ego to step aside, there will be a place for it later. Look inward. Do the work and unpack it all. We are here to help. I think you will be very happy with what you find.

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