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The last few months have been trying and challenging on my end. Life has thrown some curve balls my way and although I take pride in how I’ve handled my emotions and my physical stress, I am tired. So, when I joined a breathwork class, my mind was not happy with me.

“I really don’t want to do this. I’m tired. I’ve done the work I need to do. I am in a pretty good place. I just can’t.” (My mind trying to talk me out of what I know is good for me.)

As the session began, Chris reminded me what to do, started the music and off I went. Honestly, halfhearted at first, but once I started there was no going back. The tears, the exhaustion and the stress all started coming out. My body could not longer contain it all. the overwhelm needed to be released.

My body took control of what it needed to let go of but my brain was in full conversation with itself.

“I can’t do this right now. I can't give it my all. I just can’t!”
“So do what you can.”
“What a waste of time then!”
“This work is never a waste of time.”

Frustrated, I kept at it. And then something came to light. A moment of clarity amidst the uncontrolled emotional release.

“You are here to help. To teach through you. To teach what you know. To guide people to release what no longer serves them. This will not take from who you are. This will not drain you. This will give you strength.”

Then peace.

“What?! Now what?! What am I supposed to do with that?!”


Calm Nest, that’s what.

I strongly believe in the mission of Calm Nest to guide people towards their best selves and experience growth. I share my experiences with you all to encourage you to use the tools we have to offer. Life can be challenging at times but there are lessons in those challenges. They are there to make us pause, question, and reflect. They are there to remind us that even though we may feel that we cannot make it through, there are people who can help us succeed. nd they are there to remind us that this is all a journey of growth and development. The destination is not important, it’s time to refocus on what we learn along the way.

I encourage you to go on your journey and remind you that there are many paths waiting for you to explore. Off you go, and make sure to take and experience at least one.


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