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How to Do EFT Tapping


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Humans experience ample amounts of stress in their daily lives and are constantly looking for ways to relieve that stress and learn how to manage it. Whether you have undergone emotional or physical trauma, it is crucial to move past those negative feelings to live a happy life.


Many people seek alternative medicine techniques, such as EFT tapping. Individuals all over the world use this technique to manage pain, emotions, and cravings.


Read on to learn more about EFT tapping and how to do tapping.


What is EFT tapping?


Developed by Gary Craig, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) involves light tapping on specific meridian points, or energy spots, to create balance in your energy system.


When our energy is off-balance or disrupted, we experience negative thoughts, emotions, and pain. EFT tapping taps into our personal experiences, replacing negative energy with positive energy.


How does EFT tapping Work?


Tapping is based on the Chinese practice of acupuncture, which uses needles to improve the flow of energy in your body. By stimulating the central nervous system, acupuncture releases helpful chemicals in the body.


EFT tapping uses fingertip tapping instead of needles to send electrochemical impulses to the part of the brain that controls stress and fear. Stimulating these acupoints alleviates the negative emotions associated with an issue or memory and restores unbalanced energy.


How to Do EFT Tapping in 5 Steps


Have you been wanting to learn how to do tapping on your own? The good news is that EFT tapping can be done anywhere, at any time. The next time you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious, take a step back and perform this gentle, safe technique.


When learning how to do EFT tapping, the first step is to take a deep breath in and out. Then, start by tapping on the fatty area beneath your pinky with your fingertip. Get in touch with your emotions and follow these next steps while still tapping:


1. Identify the problem


First, you need to identify the issue or fear you have and name it (anxious, depressed, angry, etc.). This will be your focal point for the exercise. Choose only one problem for maximum results.


2. Rate the initial intensity


As you continue tapping, determine how strong that emotion is on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the worst. This will help you observe your progress after completing EFT tapping.


3. Setup


The next step in learning how to tap is to establish a comforting phrase that addresses the issue. This will help relieve the distress the emotion is causing you. For example, say something like, “Even though I am angry, I choose to let it go, relax, and deeply accept myself.” Alter this phrase to match your specific problem, and repeat it several times.


4. Tapping sequence


Using your fingertips while simultaneously repeating your phrase, tap each of the following sequence points below eight times in this ascending order.


– The eyebrow
– Side of the eye
– Under the eye
– Under the nose
– The Chin
– Top of the collarbone
– Under the arm (armpit)
– End at the top of the head


Repeat the sequence three times, and after each cycle, you will notice your anger fading away.


5. Rate the intensity again


After the exercise, rate the intensity of your anger on a scale of 0-10. If you haven’t reached 0, repeat the sequence until you do.


Once you have learned how to do EFT tapping, you can use it for any issue or negative emotion you are feeling.


What Can Emotional Freedom Technique Help With?


EFT tapping helps treat people with anxiety, depression, phobias, and PTSD. Along with mental health issues, tapping addresses physical health issues such as chronic pain, acute pain, and weight loss management.


According to Medical News Today, a 2016 review of 14 studies found that people who used EFT tapping noticed a decrease in anxiety levels. A 2019 study also reported that out of 203 participants who underwent EFT tapping, the majority of people experienced lessened anxiety, PTSD symptoms, pain levels, and cravings.


EFT tapping has also been shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms of severe depression. A 2012 study involving 30 students with depression found that those who received four sessions of EFT reported significantly lower depression levels than those who received no treatment.


Individuals experiencing PTSD symptoms can greatly benefit from EFT. In a 2013 study with 30 veterans, 60.0% of participants no longer met PTSD clinical criteria after just three sessions.


Not only can anyone learn how to do tapping, but it is painless, inexpensive, and less time-consuming than other conventional treatments.


Does the EFT Tapping Method Work?


While most studies depend on feedback from participants, they have shown that tapping produces lower heart rates, blood pressure, and levels of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress). This brings individuals to a calmer and more relaxed state of mind, which increases overall happiness and health.


So, whether you want to learn how to do tapping on your own or visit a practitioner, EFT tapping can help you gain clarity and improve overall mental and physical well-being.


Can EFT be harmful?


Most people leave an EFT tapping session feeling lighter, invigorated, and more alive than they did before. However, there are cases where some individuals may experience negative thoughts or feelings. This is not a sign that EFT did something bad, but a sign that new issues may have come to light that needs more attention.


After EFT, emotions like anger, sadness, or uneasiness may arise. This may be because you regret a certain decision you made in the past or are afraid of letting go of past trauma or memories. A part of you might be sad you are leaving your old identity behind and becoming someone new.

But the most likely cause of negative emotions after EFT is that you haven’t resolved the core problem yet. Looking back at painful memories is hard, but you need to keep working to get to the root of the issue and solve it.


So if you know how to do tapping on your own, don’t give up on yourself. If you need extra assistance, find a practitioner who can help you reach your goals and help you become open to change.


The Bottom Line


EFT tapping is an alternative medicine technique that uses your fingertips at the end of acupuncture points to rebalance the energy in your body and replace negative emotions, thoughts, or feelings with positive ones.


You can learn how to do EFT tapping on your own or receive help from a professional. It is used to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and much more. For other extreme disorders and illnesses, use EFT alongside traditional medicine and consult your doctor first.


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