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What Exactly Is Energy Healing and How Does it Work?



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It’s no surprise that stress and anxiety levels have surged in the past few years. With more people working from home and not being able to travel, energy healing has become more popular than ever. But what is energy healing and how does it work?


Energy healing helps you find inner peace and become your best self. Who wouldn’t want that? Well, energy healing is supposed to relieve pain and rebalance the body, which heals trauma and disease. But many people doubt energy healing before they have even tried it.


Read on to learn about what energy healing is, its benefits, and how it works.


What is Energy Healing?


According to Net Doctor, Antonia Harman, a healer and emotional trauma expert, energy healing is the original form of medicine and has been practiced for thousands of years. It’s based on the belief that energy can impact our health and well-being in a positive way.


So what is energy healing? Energy healing shifts our physical, mental, emotional states to find balance and healing. It helps prevent severe illness by calming our mind, body, and soul.


Our body is powered by energy, so if that energy is unbalanced, it can cause depression, anxiety, or even worse, disease. Energy healing focuses on the energy field that surrounds our bodies, organs, and cells to make sure they are functioning together. Then, the body can work to reverse dysfunction and heal itself.


Types of Energy Healing


Many people don’t know what energy healing therapy really is. There are several forms of energy healing. While some can be done remotely, others can’t. The different types of energy healing include (but are not limited to) the following:




Reiki originates from the Japanese words ‘rei’, meaning universal, and ‘ki’, meaning life force. It is a popular form of energy healing and involves a practitioner using their hands to balance energy and heal the mind, body, and spirit. The practitioner doesn’t create the energy, rather they move the energy. It is used to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. This modality can be experienced in person or virtually at a distance with the same level of efficacy.




Similar to Reiki, Acupuncture stimulates the flow of energy by inserting tiny needles into the body. By releasing chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain, the body heals itself and promotes physical and mental well-being. While Reiki can be done remotely, Acupuncture can’t.


In 30 minutes or less, you can experience healing, relaxation, and balancing of the body. Acupuncture is used to treat pain, headaches, addiction, asthma, and stress.


EFT tapping


EFT tapping, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, helps users feel better very quickly. But what is EFT energy healing therapy? EFT tapping draws on the principles of Acupuncture, which improves the flow of energy in your body. This type of tapping can be done in the comfort of your own home or by a practitioner. The process includes seven to nine taps in specific spots: the heel of the hand, three locations around the eye, the area below the nose, the area below the lips, the collarbone, the underarm, and the top of the head.


EFT tapping can improve psychological disorders as well as mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and phobias.


Somatic Experiencing


Somatic experiencing is a form of trauma therapy that releases trauma-induced stress from the body. Emotional or physical trauma, such as abuse or sexual assault, can cause a disconnect in the body. Somatic experiences help people gain awareness of their internal experiences (interoceptive, proprioceptive, and kinesthetic sensations).


By improving sleep, reducing stress and pain, and releasing trauma, we improve our mental well-being and connect with our bodies.


Ancestral Healing


To find our purpose and better understand who we are, we need to know where we came from. Ancestral healing is an energy healing therapy technique that reveals and processes inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down to us from our ancestors. When one tries to learn about their family lineage, they may uncover positive and negative events, feelings, and beliefs.


Ancestral healing allows us to replace any negative thoughts with positive energy, which helps us further celebrate their legacy. It also helps treat anxiety, stress, and chronic pain while increasing energy and vitality in our bodies.


Crystal Healing


What is crystal energy healing? Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that taps into the energetic power of different crystals to promote energy healing throughout the body. It releases negative, disease-causing energy while inserting positive, healing energy.


The crystal energetic therapy technique is used to alleviate stress and chronic pain, induce deep relaxation, improve sleep, and promote balance.


Intuitive Coaching


An intuitive coach offers guidance and support and encourages you to form a deeper connection with yourself. By guiding you through goal settings, habits, and intuition, you become more aware of your energy fields and are able to shift your emotional state to a place of calmness and relaxation.


This energy healing therapy creates harmony in your life and helps you find your higher purpose while allowing you to break through barriers and heal past traumas.


Does Energy Healing Really Work?


Energy healing is quite difficult to prove with scientific evidence. However, some research has shown positive results.


Healthline states that a 2014 trial shows that Reiki therapy reduces pain and anxiety. Participants in a 2011 study who had six 30-minute sessions over 2 to 8 weeks reported that Reiki put them in a better mood than before the treatment.


A 2015 pilot study also reported that people who were receiving treatment for cancer while receiving 30-minute sessions of Reiki, along with medical care, had reduced levels of pain and fatigue.


What To Expect During a Session


A lot of people question what an energy healing session is. During an energy healing treatment, patients feel no pain or discomfort. The patient typically will be lying down or sitting in a meditative position while the practitioner rebalances their body.


As blockages are being released, participants will feel a variety of emotions, such as fatigue, sadness, or anger. Once the body is released of all negative energy, the patient will feel a sense of relief, happiness, and calmness.


Many practitioners are now offering energy healing services online, which is known as distant or remote healing. Sessions are run the exact same way, except they are over video. As energy can be transferred through space, distant healing can take place anywhere in the world.


Who Can Partake in Energy Healing


A common misconception about energy healing is that you need to be a spiritual person. However, energy healing is available for anyone who is interested in improving and healing themselves. As human beings, we all have energies that need to be balanced to ensure we are living our best lives.


What is energy healing used for? It has been used to treat various health conditions in combination with conventional health treatments like medication. The combination of traditional and complementary medicine techniques helps optimize overall health. Energy healing doesn’t replace Western Medicine, but together, they can balance and repair the body.


Why Choose Calm Nest


At Calm Nest, we offer energy therapy and healing services that will serve your mind, body, and soul the care they need. We can shift your negative physical, mental, and emotional state to a place of positivity and happiness. No matter what you are going through, energetic therapies can relieve stress in your everyday life and help you find your true self.


Choose from a variety of energy therapies ranging from ancestral healing to breathwork therapy to somatic movement therapy that will improve your health and well-being. Looking for an energy healing practitioner? Begin your journey today, and see how CalmNest can help connect you with one today!

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