Build stronger teams with Corporate Wellness.


Wellness designed for the workplace. Calm Nest makes effective, restorative programs for professionals, whether you want to improve the well-being of your team, or connect with other top executives on the same path. Fight burnout, reduce stress, and cultivate a resilient organization with engaging and restorative retreats for remote and in-person workers.

Executive Level Sessions


Exclusively for the C-Suite. Connect with top executives from other companies in bespoke wellness sessions and workshops designed around shared stressors. Pursue personal growth, professional goals, and new insights into success with our top facilitators.


Corporate Team Sessions


Designed for top leadership teams to build resiliency, connect with co-workers, and set the tone for their entire organization. Join weekly sessions with different modalities to boost productivity and workplace happiness.


From the Community


Build resilicency and connectedness for every team


There’s a reason energy healing is on the rise in the modern workplace. Maximize your next team-building event with practical, engaging, and burnout-fighting workshops your employees can enjoy, no matter where they work.


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