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How it works: Join regularly scheduled weekly corporate wellness sessions with your leadership team: Each week you will explore different energy therapies (i.e., breathwork, sound baths, Reiki) with one of our highly trained practitioners. You can participate in the sessions wherever you and your colleagues are, whether that’s in the office, working remotely or on a retreat. If your team has any questions or concerns, you can communicate with your practitioner through your company account portal.

Why it works: Executives are facing more stress than ever before, with burnout rates at all-time highs. By enlisting your leadership team to join weekly corporate wellness sessions practicing different energy therapies, you can find calm and feel revitalized so you can reduce stress and effectively manage your employees, as well as authentically connect with your colleagues. Take your company wellness to the next level by regularly practicing different healing modalities together.

What to expect: By exploring the different energy healing therapies together, you will facilitate deeper connections with each other while experiencing personal growth. Whether you and your colleagues are working from home or at an off-site together, your executive team will meet virtually at the same time weekly. Your group will be sent a Zoom link 30 minutes before the session; we recommend that you find a quiet space in advance, ideally not at your desk. Your practitioner will introduce themselves before they begin. Your camera may be on or off depending on the type of session.