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Curiosity is welcome

Whether you’re a novice or a master, we encourage you to ask questions


Calm nest is a place where self care is a priority, where specialists can expand their practice, and where everyone can be an active participant in their growth journey. Offering a comprehensive platform where you can explore the different energy-healing modalities and join others on the path to self discovery.  Learn more about what we do. 

Whether you need one-on-one time with a practitioner or looking to connect with a community of healers, we provide In-person or virtual energy healing sessions and workshops in Reiki and Somatic Movement to BIofield Tuning, Crystal Therapy and more. Explore each modality in depth to learn more.

Our community of experienced, vetted, and certified practitioners provide a personalized natural healing experience across different modalities. We get to know you and your needs so we can best support you with the practices and techniques to help you live your best life possible.

While we’re looking forward to opening a physical space to enhance your energy healing experience, we’re ensuring the safety of our practitioners and clients by offering virtual sessions across modalities.


Energy is everywhere and is accessible regardless of your proximity to the practitioner. This phenomenon allows the practitioner tap into your energy from afar and therefore help you regardless of your location. In person healing takes place when you and the practitioner are in the same room. The good news is that both work equally well.

What happens in each session is dependent on the modality you choose and your place along your healing journey. See what each modality has to offer for further details.

Yes, all practitioners submit their certifications, go through a background check and submit references before joining the calm nest community.

Our energy healing services include Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and more. Explore the full list of modalities and discover the best services for your unique needs.

Book directly with your favorite practitioner or fill out the form on our booking page to schedule your next session.

Follow the directions on the login page to create an account with us. You can manage your schedule, update payment method, and view booking history through your client login.

Please do. This is an ongoing journey and one session is just the beginning. We suggest booking multiple sessions to support your ongoing practice in the modality of your choosing with the practitioner you love.

Yes. We know life’s unpredictable, things come up, plans change, schedules need shifting. To help us keep our practitioner schedules and availability up to date, we ask that any changes or cancellations are made at least 24 hours in advance or you will lose your payment.

You can cancel your booking at least 24 hours in advance to help us keep our practitioners’ schedules up to date.


You get to do what you do best: help clients optimize their energy flow and support their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. We’ll take care of the billing, scheduling, appointment reminders, client follow ups and statistical feedback to optimize your business – so you can focus on your clients and your practice.

We’re thrilled you want to be a part of the calm nest community. The first step to becoming a calm nest practitioner is passing through our background and referral checks. This has a non-refundable fee of $60.00  Once you have been approved, we will send you an email with the directions to finalize your profile information and get your appointment availability up and on the calm nest site. Follow the directions the practitioner login page to fIll out the form and get started.

Our fee structure is as follows:

  • A one time non-refundable $60.00 fee for a background check completed by Checkr and references check completed by the calm nest Team.
  • A monthly fee of $29.99 allowing you access to all that calm nest has to offer.  * This fee will be waived until our site is open to clients for booking.
  • A weekly revenue share in which you receive:
  • 82% of your fees when booking 1-5 appointment a week
  • 85% of your fees when booking 6-10 appointments a week
  • 88% of your fees when booking 11+ appointments a week

Once an appointment is complete, calm nest takes full payment from the client. Payment to practitioners is distributed on a weekly basis. Payment will be made to your Stripe account.

We provide clients with a community of vetted, certified energy healers. All practitioners go through a background check with Checkr.com and submit specialty certification and two references

As humans, we’re always evolving, so your profile should too. If you have any changes, simply log into your profile to make updates.

Yes. If you have certifications in more than one modality, we want you to share that with the community. Specialize in one modality but looking to broaden your expertise? When you receive a new certification or explore a new modality, you can update your profile to reflect your knowledge and practitioner growth. If your modality is not listed, make sure to let us know. We are always looking to learn and add to our offerings.

Energy healing is a personal experience and we want clients to get to know practitioners and find one that works for them. The templates make it easier for clients to discover and compare practitioners and find the right fit.

We’re thrilled you want to be a part of the calm nest community. Follow the directions the practitioner login page  to fIll out the form and get started.

Your privacy is important to us so we’ll never share your information with anyone outside our community.

All of our practitioners go through a Checkr background check.