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Calm Nest’s expert practitioners offer many different energy healing methods, or modalities, so you can find the one that’s right for you

We all look for guidance to live our best life possible, whether it’s in the form of direction, advice, or support. Sometimes that guidance comes from those closest to us such as family and friends, and other times we need a professional with the knowledge and skills to help us realize our full potential. Breakthrough barriers and see what you’re capable of with an intuitive life coach. Intuitive Coaching empowers you to change your life and live your purpose by helping you access your intuition. Intuition coaching is not therapy, psychiatry, or psychology, instead an intuitive healing coach employs emotional and spiritual healing services to help people let go of the things holding them back to move forward.

By combining the secular elements of life, such as goal setting, habits, and skills, with spiritual principles, Intuitive Coaching helps you introduce new thoughts, make new habits, and integrate powerful changes so you can live the life you want to live.
Why participate in Intuitive Coaching?
Intuitive coaching gives you a better idea of who you are and may even help you find your purpose in life. You can heal broken relationships, work on your dream career and help you develop new passions that you never knew existed. Plus, it helps improve your physical and mental well-being. If your goal is to lose weight or become a happier person, an intuitive coaching session is perfect for you. Intuitive coaching can also heal old wounds or blockages and heal your mind, body, and spirit for the better.
What to expect during this session
During a session with an intuitive coach, you will be asked questions and encouraged to try new thinking and behavior methods. These intuitive coaching sessions are typically spent in conversation with your practitioner. We recommend that you come to your session open to be challenged and guided to a new way of thinking. Your video will be on for the duration of this session.
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Intuitive Coaching is used for:

Goal setting, Guidance, Life change, Self discovery, Stress Management, Trauma

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