Ancestral Healing

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Ancestral Healing

We enter this world with pieces of our ancestors embedded in our bodies. Whether it’s the color of our eyes or fear that may seem irrational, their imprints help mold the people we are today. Some of these features are genetic and cannot be changed, while others are epigenetic and are triggered by the environment around us. The epigenetics of our ancestors travel from one generation to the next, creating feelings, beliefs and thinking patterns that we hold but cannot explain.

Ancestral healing allows the practitioner the opportunity to clear out the destructive feelings, beliefs, and thinking patterns and replace them with positive energy affirmations. This clearing experience will likely heal ancestral trauma and leave you feeling positive and revitalized, ready to conquer the world.
Why participate in Ancestral Healing?
Through ancestral healing, you can learn why you possess certain behavior patterns. It will allow you to empathize and forgive your ancestors, while healing intergenerational trauma such as violence, war, and discrimination. When we begin to understand the trauma in our bloodline, anger, depression, and anxiety begin to disappear. Ancestral healing allows our hearts and minds to be freed, giving us more energy to embrace who we are. Ancestral healing therapy can reduce chronic or localized pain by connecting with ancestors, ultimately transforming patterns of pain and abuse. It can reduce stress in everyday life by helping one find their path and who they’re meant to be. When major changes occur or you are struggling to make a major decision, ancestral healing can help you make the best choice for you. Ancestral healing therapy enables one to reclaim the positive spirit of their family.
What to expect during this session
At the beginning of this ancestral healing session, you will speak with your practitioner and explore what parts of your life may need clarification. Your ancestral healing practitioner will then formulate questions that will help narrow down the concerns you have discussed. Once these questions are agreed upon, you will be asked to turn your video off. Your practitioner will then cycle through a variety of words and ancestral generations, identifying the point in your family history that needs clearing. During this time, you should be in a restful position, listening and tuning into your body. You may feel some physical sensations, however, not everyone does. Understand that the clearing is taking place and will continue to do so for days after your session is complete. At the end of the chanting, you will close your ancestral trauma healing session with a short discussion of the descriptive words used to label what patterns needed to be cleared. Your video will be on and off for different parts of this session.
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Ancestral Healing is used for:

Anger, Anxiety and Depression, General Wellness, Grief, Guidance, Sleep, Stress Management


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