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Listen to the waves

Sound Healing
We are surrounded by a variety of sounds from everything around us on a regular basis. Whether is be cars, birds, children or other sounds, our subconscious is effected by them all. So why would sound healing be beneficial if we hear things all the time? Sound healing focuses on the power of vibration and frequency waves. When a sound is played by a particular instrument it produces a certain vibration in the air. Our bodies do what they can to match that vibration creating harmony in the body. Sound healers often use crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, rain sticks and chimes to create this powerful and relaxing experience.  You will leave these sessions deeply relaxed, focused and de-stressed. 

What to expect during this session
Sound healing takes place with the use of a variety of tools used by the practitioner. This session will require that you have a quiet space to rest your body. The practitioner will create different sounds with tools and guides you through the experience with ques of where to focus your energy. Your video may be on or off for this experience.

Sound Healing is used for:

Energy and vitality, General wellness, Stress management.