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We are connecting clients and practitioners, creating a safe community where everyone can grow, learn and thrive. To start your journey as a practitioner with calm nest® and share your passion with our community we’ll need a few things from you.

1. Submit your references. To get to know more about you, your experience, and the way you approach healing, we’d love to connect with your network. Submit two references of your choosing so we can get to know you better.

2. Background clearance. Trust and safety are important to us, and our clients. We vet every practitioner in our community to ensure we’re creating an environment where people can be vulnerable and experience personal growth. Your privacy is a priority too and that is why we trust Checkr to provide the general background check. Once this application is complete, you will receive an invitation from Checkr to complete their paperwork. Please note that the Checkr invitation is only valid for 7 days.

This onboarding process has a fee of $60.00 and is required by all practitioners wishing to work with calm nest®. Once these two steps have been submitted and verified, you will receive an email with step by step instructions about how to finish setting up your profile and making your schedule available for clients to book.

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