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ModalitySomatic Movement
Class size40 seats

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This lunchtime recuperative practice allows you to renew, refresh and revive. Walk into the 2nd part of your day feeling organically energized, alert, refreshed, and grounded.

Self-Care for Success Midday Reset clears your mind/body of unnecessary effort in activity or self-defeating tension. It expands awareness away from myopic, unproductive mind-chatter, while reconnecting you to the present moment. Through embodiment exercises, unprocessed experience, blocked breath and muscular tension dissolves.

Learning to listen to our body in the moment is truly the gateway to greater ease, creativity, sustained energy and follow through. As your ability to hear yourself increases, your ability to hear others also increases. Therefore self regulation and communication/ interpersonal skills deepen. As your self-care practice grows, your lens expands and is reflected back to you in every aspect of your life: physical health, ease and wellbeing, alertness, creativity, confidence, more meaningful relationships with self and others and a greater sense of community.

Ideal setup and props

A place to lie down on floor or yoga mat and a book about 2 inches thick to support your head. (If lie down space is not available, use a firm but comfortable chair that allows for you to sit on sit bones with a lengthened balanced spine and feet able to connect flat to the floor.) Your phone notifications set to off (airplane or do not disturb mode). A notepad to briefly track experiences and discoveries.

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$20.00 30 minutes

Self-Care for Success Midday Reset

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