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Always learning.

Calm nest creates and hosts a variety of workshops, for clients and practitioners, to help you deepen your practice, open your mind, and support you at every turn.

Client Workshops

Turning education into routine

Immerse yourself in the world of energy healing. During workshops you can learn the history, theory, perception, and techniques of various modalities, from Reiki to Crystal Therapy and beyond. Gain in-depth knowledge from practitioners and learn how to apply energy-healing methodology to your daily life.

Practitioner Workshops

Giving you room to grow.

As a certified energy healer, you’ve honed the skills and applied years of knowledge to support your clients on their growth journey. Now, it’s your turn. During our calm nest workshops we provide guidance to help you learn and grow as a practitioner, so you can better empower your clients to create positive, lasting change in their lives.