Somatic Movement

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Somatic Movement

The mind-body connection is a powerful relationship, communicating what our body needs and where – if we know how to listen. Signaling areas of pain, injury, or discomfort, somatics therapy helps us pick up on those cues and connect with our bodies. Expand your mental and physical awareness, listen to your body and learn from it to create healthy movements patterns. Somatic movement is the conscious or deliberate movement of one’s body.

By focusing on the internal experience of the somatic movement, what’s happening within the body, rather than the external result, what it looks like from the outside, we can develop a heightened awareness of ourselves to improve movement patterns. From improving sleep and digestion to increasing energy and reducing pain, somatic therapy helps us listen to our own body, releasing the emotional or mental stress we hold throughout.
Why participate in Somatic Movement?
By drawing off the concept that what happens in your life is not only stored in your mind but also in your body, somatic movement therapy uses a body-centric approach to treat mental health issues such as PTSD, stress, anxiety, addiction, grief, and depression. Somatic therapy can also help heal chronic pain, digestive disorders, and sexual dysfunction.

Stress caused by past traumas or experiences affects the central nervous system, somatic bodywork therapy releases the tension and anger that is stored in the body. Somatic exercises help you become more connected to your mind, body, and spirit while allowing you to live your life to the fullest.
What to expect during this session
During your somatic movement session, you will be guided through a variety of movements and breathing patterns by a somatic practitioner. As this is a fully engaged somatic therapy session on your part, be prepared by having a physical space for movements that include standing and laying down. Your video will be on for this session.
Woman Practicing Somatic Movement | CalmNest

Somatic Movement is used for:

Chronic pain, Digestive Issues, Emotional awareness, Muscle tension, Sleep, Trauma


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