The energy that surrounds and permeates our body is known as the human biofield. Composed of both the measurable, electromagnetic energy and the subtle energy or chi, this human biofield connects our conscious and subconscious mind and can be disrupted by conflict such as physical injury or mental and emotional disorders. Resolve friction and create harmony in your biofield using targeted sound biofield therapy. Biofield Tuning uses a tuning fork to scan the body, detecting turbulence in one’s own energy field and correcting those disturbances. Using the steady vibrations and tones from a tuning fork, a biofield healing practitioner not only finds areas in need of attention but encourages the body to self-tune, relieving tension and resolving the biofield issues. The sound and vibration generated with tuning forks calm the nervous system allowing deep healing to occur.

If you feel stressed in any area of your life, biofield tuning can relax your mind and body, leading to clarity and peace. People suffering from anxiety, depression, or low energy can greatly benefit from biofield therapy because it can deliver a whole new perspective on life. After completing biofield tuning sessions, you will be able to better handle daily stressors and quit old, negative habits. By producing an increase in energy circulation, one will feel happier and lighter. Biofield tuning can also improve headaches, PTSD, fears and phobias, trauma, and addiction. The biofield frequency adjustments from the tuning fork also help the body digest unexamined traumas, improving your physical well-being. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, confused, or tired, biofield tuning can bring you to a state of equilibrium and stability and improve your quality of life.

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